Seaweed has been part of the human diet and used therapeutically for millennia. The high consumption of seaweed in Japan has been associated with lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, inflammatory diseases and diabetes. Seaweed consumption has also been associated with weight-loss and youthful looking skin.

Fucorich® is a unique seaweed extract combining the benefits of Undaria pinnatifida fucoidan and algal derived mannitol in one low-sodium, low-calorie ingredient.


Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found only in brown seaweeds. Many of the health benefits associated with seaweed consumption are attributed to their fucoidan content, which differs in structure and bioactivity according to the seaweed species it is sourced from and how it is extracted. 

Extensive studies on Undaria pinnatifida fucoidan have demonstrated it can:


  • Modulate the immune system

  • Encourage probiotic growth

  • Inhibit H. pylori and E. coli adherence

  • Inhibit virus entry

  • Reduce inflammatory markers

Fucorich® also contains algal derived mannitol - a naturally occurring nutrient utilised as reserve energy for the seaweed plant.

In humans, mannitol is a non-digestible sugar. With a pleasant, sweet taste, it is often used as a natural sweetener for low-calorie foods and beverages.